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  • Personalised Zippo Lighters

    Personalised Zippo Lighter Zippo Lighters are one of our all time top sellers!  There are hundreds to choose from with themes to meet every interest group. Whilst it's great to buy the man of the house something 'customised' it's especially nice to buy something that's been personalised with their name! We sell Personalised Zippo Lighters with peoples names, company names and even short messages engraved onto the front, side or back. To view our Personalised Zippo Lighters, please click here.
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  • Personalised Leatherman Tool

    Personalised Leatherman Tool A personalised Leatherman tool makes a perfect gift for anyone who likes working with their hands and 'tinkering' with anything mechanical! Leatherman tools are very popular and last a very long time when properly looked after.  If you're looking for a gift for your husband, father or son you won't go too far wrong with a personalised Leatherman Tool. We can engrave a name, logo or number onto the tool and make your gift very special and memorable!  To view our full range click here.
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  • Personalised wooden wine box

    Personalised Wooden Wine Box A personalised wooden wine box is an excellent gift for special occasions such as birthdays and anniversaries. Whilst a bottle of wine might only last for one occasion, a personalised wooden wine box is a lovely 'keep-sake' that have many uses after the wine bottle has gone! We also engrave bottles so if the box is being used for a very special bottle of vintage wine or champagne, so why not get that engraved as well?   To view more information on our personalised wooden wine box range click here.
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  • Personalised Christmas Baubles

        Personalised Christmas Baubles Personalised Christmas train bauble Personalised Christmas Baubles are excellent for families with young children as they are very eye catching, unbreakable and store easily at the end of the festive season!  We have noticed customers buying personalised Christmas baubles as 'take home' gifts for friends and family who are staying for Christmas.   Personalised Christmas baubles are also a great way to commemorate a first Christmas for a new child or even a  new pet in some households. To v
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  • Pet Memorial Slate Markers

    Pet Memorial Slate Markers Pet memorial slate markers are a lovely way remember a beloved pet. Most of our customers hang these slate hearts from trees in their garden usually close to where their pet was buried or their ashes were scattered. The beauty of our pet memorial slate markers is that they are obviously weather proof and there is no chance of the laser engraved lettering disappearing. If you have sadly lost a pet recently and would like to create a personalised memorial slate please click here to view our product range.
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  • Personalised gifts

    Personalised Gifts: Wooden Spoons Personalised wooden spoons Personalised gifts have been a runaway best seller this year!  Even the most mundane of kitchen items, the humble wooden spoon, looks great once it's been personalised with a name or a poignant message. The great thing about personalised gifts is that they 'add value' to the item prove that some thought and effort has gone into buying the gift! Every cook has an array of wooden spoons, but how many have one that's been personalised with their name? Sometimes, for the person that a
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