Personalised Olive Wood Rustic Chopping Board - 34cm

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Product Overview

These beautiful hand-crafted rustic 34cm boards can be used as a Carving board,chopping or serving board.

Laser engraved by our expert engravers with any message of your choosing.

If you require a specific layout please let us know in the additional comments section.

These make the perfect present for Weddings, Anniversaries or any other occasion.

Every board is unique, no one cut is the same shape.

Olive wood is not only a beautiful wood but is also a very hard wood and very hygienic too.Properly looked after ,these boards will last a lifetime. These ethically produced olive wood products are made from wood of olive trees. Each board has been naturally treated with olive oil and food safe beeswax so they are very safe to prepare and serve food on.

Caring for olive wood is very simple, just hand wash them and occasionally coat them with a little olive oil. Please note these boards are a natural product, and the one you receive may have a different shape and grain to the ones in the pictures.

Sizes are approximate and may vary due to shape and cut of the wood.

This item does not come gift boxed.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review